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Immediate Immersion French 2 Unit Two

Immediate Immersion French 2 Unit Two


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Unit 2 comprises of approximately 10-12 weeks of curriculum corresponding to second quarter or second trimester.

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Immediate Immersion - Language-Immersion Naturally.

Immediate Immersion is the most complete French 2 TPRS curriculum.

Immediate Immersion has been called TPRS-in-a-Box.

Lesson plans?     Detailed teacher’s manual?     Story scripts?
Cultural units?     Homework assignments?     Assessments? 

Yep! We got ’em!

Immediate Immersion is the most complete French 2 TPRS curriculum available today.

Immediate Immersion includes 5 different stories for each lesson, a detailed teacher’s manual, complete lesson plans, lesson slides, culture slides, homework, and assessment. No other French 2 TPRS curriculum includes all of that in one simple package. 

Get your students engaged in the language from day 1, get to know your students through the language, master the Super Verbs before focusing on additional frequent vocabulary.


Focus on getting to know your students through language the first few weeks of school. Find out who they are, what they like to do, what they’re afraid of, and what makes them unique, all while exploring the language.


I don’t know about you, but I was tired of always having to create supplemental homework assignments for my students with other TPRS curricula. With Immediate Immersion, that is a thing of the past. We got homework covered!

Super Verbs

The Super Verbs (there is, is, wants, likes, has, goes to) allow students to maximize communication with a limited vocabulary. Concentrating on these verbs at the beginning of the year builds confidence in your students.


One complaint of other TPRS curricula is that they are void of culture. Not Immediate Immersion! Each level has 8 cultural units complete with detailed PowerPoints/Keynotes packed with beautiful images and assessments to accompany them.

Story Scripts

Easy-to-use story scripts give you the scaffolding you need to be successful and engage your students in stories they’ll love! Targeted phrases are bolded while parts students can change are underlined. We got you every step of the way!


Immediate Immersion includes at least 42 quizzes covering listening, reading, writing, speaking and culture, and 4 end-of-the-quarter/semester tests. No need to write your own assessments here.

Get your life back!

Get your LIFE back!

Spend less time planning effective lessons, less time creating engaging stories, and more time interacting with your students in the target language so you, too, can have your life back.

Immediate Immersion French 2 TPRS Curriculum.

This is a fantastic framework for switching over to CI methods after 15 years of teaching. I appreciate having so many resources and also being able to modify materials.

Stacey Custer


I love this curriculum. Everything is ready to use and each activity has clear explanations, which make it really easy to implement in class even if you are new to CI methods. I also love that it is easy to modify to the teacher´s needs. It has lots of resources, even homework (if you need to use it) and assessments. I recommend buying it with the webversity course.

Beatriz Varela-Palmeiro


This is a great buy! I am impressed with how complete and organized the materials are. They provide all the files ready to use (powerpoints, homework, lesson plans, year-long plans etc.) and the teachers guide is long, detailed and comes with excellent descriptions of CI techniques and creative ideas for class. Not only do I think this is a great resource for a teacher trying to start using CI, I think it’s an excellent resource for experienced teachers to have and can be used by anyone because it is so clear and complete. I will be recommending this to my department head!

Zoe W



Hours Saved

Happy Teachers

Save Me TIME!

Immediate Immersion has saved teachers 233,640 hours per school year. Now that’s AWESOME!

What other French 2 TPRS Curriculum can say that?

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Immediate Immersion is INNOVATIVE.

Immediate Immersion™ is an innovative TPRS® text that utilizes PowerPoint® or Keynote® to project the student-lesson slides on your screen or SMART Board getting students’ noses out of the book and immersed in language acquisition. As teachers we know that students don’t acquire a language by reading about it. Students acquire language by being immersed in the language and making meaning of what they experience within context. By taking the lessons out of the book, Immediate Immersion™ gets students to actively engage in language maximizing acquisition.
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Immediate Immersion is CUSTOMIZABLE.

Immediate Immersion™ is a customizable TPRS® text that allows you to change, add, or remove specific lesson components to accommodate a modified schedule, personal interests, student interests, or to address your class’ specific needs. With traditional textbooks, you’re locked into the lessons, the vocabulary, the structures, the culture the textbook publishers want you to teach. It takes a lot of work to work around the restrictions and limitations of traditional textbooks. With Immediate Immersion’s innovative PowerPoint®/Keynote® format, you are in control. Don’t like the vocabulary? Change it. Have a great lesson you want to use? Add it. Don’t like a particular activity? Remove it. Immediate Immersion™ is meant to be customized and personalized to the needs of you, your classroom, and your students. Now that’s differentiated instruction.

Immediate Immersion is VERSATILE.

Immediate Immersion™ is a versatile TPRS® text that adapts to the traditional, standard-block, or 4×4-block schedules. Also because of the PowerPoint® or Keynote® format, you can rearrange lesson components to suit your class’ needs. Because of the nature of the Immediate Immersion™ format, it is extremely adaptable to a wide variety of schedules and classroom settings. Block schedule one day and traditional the next? No problem. Assembly, fire drill, minimum day? No problem. Immediate Immersion™ adapts to the way you work, the way your students learn,and fits within the time frames you do.

Immediate Immersion is RELEVANT.

Immediate Immersion™ is a relevant TPRS® text that concentrates on the most frequent vocabulary, structures, and culture paired with a high-level of student personalization that invigorates, engages, and immerses students in the language. Students want to learn. They want to make connections. And they are more savvy than ever before. They’re no longer happy just sitting in the classroom and learning what the teacher teaches. They want to know how what they are learning is relevant to them and the world that they live in now. By taking the time to get to know your students and personalizing the language to make it more relevant to them, students will be able to make the connections that make learning a language more than a class, and become life-long second-language speakers.


No other French 2 TPRS curriculum is as complete, as teacher-friendly, and as organized as Immediate Immersion.

What you get:

  • Detailed Teacher’s Manual
  • Lesson Plans
  • Customizable Lesson Slides
  • Story Scripts

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  • 8 Cultural Units
  • Homework Package
  • Assessment Package
  • Blackline Masters

Immediate Immersion French 2 TPRS Curriculum Components

Student-Lesson Slides

The student-lesson slides come in either PowerPoint® or Keynote® formats. They are intended to be projected on a screen or on your SMART Board. Each slide covers one classroom activity and with each advance, guides both the teacher and the student through the day’s lessons. Organized weekly, the lesson components can be rearranged, modified, added, or removed as the teacher deems necessary to meet the needs of their students. Daily activities include warm-up activities, free voluntary reading, vocabulary, practice quizzes, stories, readings, story strips, brain-break activities, self-reflection questions, and much, much more. The lessons are thorough, as well as engaging, and include everything to move students through a comprehensible-input-based learning environment.

Teacher’s Manual

The teacher’s manual is a complete guide to not only the TPRS® method, but also explains each activity thoroughly, guiding both the novice and the experienced alike through each day’s lesson. The teacher’s manual includes detailed notes and teaching suggestions, story scripts, and a set of vocabulary flash cards to assist the teacher in running various vocabulary practices with their students. Along with these essential components, weekly lesson plans are also provided for traditional, standard-block, and 4×4-block schedules to assist the teacher with their weekly, short-term, and long-term planning.

Culture Package

The culture package includes 8 cultural lessons that can be inserted into the student-lesson slides as appropriate. These lessons include major holidays, customs, traditions products, geographical facts, as well as interesting and unusual cultural facts.

Assessment Package

The assessment package is heavily based on a standards-based grading approach includes both formative and summative assessments, measuring the students’ abilities in the areas of listening and reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and cultural knowledge. With the exception of level 1, each quarter contains 2 listening, 2 reading, 2 writing, 2 speaking, and 2 culture formative assessments (quizzes) along with 1 summative (test/exam) that includes listening, reading, writing, speaking, and culture sections that comprehensively assesses all previously taught material. Because we do not want to force production in level-1 students too early, writing and speaking are not assessed during the first quarter.

Homework Package

The homework package includes weekly homework assignments practicing the four skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) along with vocabulary. Audio files are provided for the listening activities and vocabulary is practiced via an online site called Whether you choose to assign homework or not, you’ll have a comprehensive collection of assignments that will allow you to extend the comprehensible-input beyond the classroom and have your students do work that actually practices the language rather than their fill-in-the-blank and guessing skills.


Hi, I’m Scott!

Teacher | Presenter | Consultant | Author

I’m going to help you become an AWESOME language teacher by singing, talking to, and reading with your students.

Since 2001, I have taught over 3000 students using comprehensible input getting them to speak and write like never before.

Since 2008, I have presented hundreds of workshops, presentations, and webinars on TPRS, comprehensible-input techniques, grading, and assessment at national conferences such as NTPRS and iFLT, for school districts like Minneapolis Public Schools, Norfolk Public Schools, Clark County School District, and Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, and individuals all over the world.

I’m also the author of the Immediate Immersion Spanish curricula, a TPRS-in-a-Box solution that includes everything you need to teach with comprehensible input starting TOMORROW!

If you’re ready to get serious and truly create proficient second-language speakers, enroll in Immediate Immersion Webversity today!


Immediate Immersion™ French 2 is a comprehensible-input curriculum based largely on Blaine Ray’s TPRS® methodology that focuses on the top 100 most frequent French words according to A Frequency Dictionary of French by Deryle Lonsdale and Yvon Le Bras along with some basic thematic vocabulary.

The premise being that if a student were to drop out after any level, they will be at least familiar with the most frequent words in the language.

*The PowerPoint® or Keynote® slides are meant to be customizable so that you can incorporate your classroom rules and procedures, as well as personalize the readings to your students.


Do you have a scope and sequence?
Not exactly! A scope and sequence not only tells you what will be taught, but also when. We know that students don’t always learn within a specific time frame and so we’ve adopted a Guaranteed Curriculum Model for Immediate Immersion™. Read what a Guaranteed Curriculum is and what ours looks like for Spanish 1
What themes are covered in Immediate Immersion™?

Immediate Immersion™ does not use the thematic model in its curriculum. Instead we’ve adopted prioritizing vocabulary, structures, and culture based on the highest frequency in modern spoken and written language. Many theme-related vocabulary will be presented, but not organized thematically.

When will Spanish 3 and French 2 be released?
We’re working as fast as we can! Unit 1 of both French 2 and Spanish 3 are currently available. Units 2-4 of each will be available before the end of the 2017-18 school year.


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