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Immediate Immersion Webversity Course

Immediate Immersion Webversity Course

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earlybird registration – $179.00 – through June 30, 2019
regular registration – $279.00 – July 1-July 31, 2019
late registraiton-$379.00 – August 1-September 30, 2019

Add Immediate Immersion Curricula for just $60 (available via Google Drive)

Our Immediate Immersion Curricula is truly TPRS®-in-a-Box. Included in each level are 24 lessons with story scripts and readings, 8 cultural lessons, homework, and assessments. Read more and check out previews at

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Become an AWESOME TPRS/CI Teacher!

Everything you need to know to be AWESOME!

Absolutely the best online TPRS training available.

Learn how to effectively start the year, use comprehensible input to actively engage your students, create effective assessments, and get your students to be able to communicate in the language in less time while keeping your sanity so that you can be AWESOME!

The Immediate Immersion™ Course is a teachforjune™ Webversity™ course that will teach you the essentials of CI instruction including TPRS®, assessment and proficiency-based grading, MovieTalk, embedded readings, classroom management, and much more throughout the entire school year!

This course is a perfect extension of any TPRS or CI training you may have already had, whether it was an inservice,  2- or 3-day workshop, or one of the regional or national conferences, The Immediate Immersion Webversity Course will remind you of things you may have forgotten, enforce and extend what you already know, teach you a few things that weren’t included in your previous training experience, and give you the time to practice between skills.

Classroom Management

Effectively manage your classroom for maximum impact and engagement. Classrooms with consistently-applied expectations, natural consequences, and practiced routines run like well-oiled machines.

Language Acquisition

Comprehensible input is the key to language acquisition. Surround your students with language they can understand and watch their proficiency levels soar and their communication increase like never before.


Create effective assessments that accurately measure your students’ true ability in the language without wasting tons of class time and without spending hours grading. Get your life back!

Get your LIFE back!

Spend less time assessing your students, less time creating more effective lessons, and more time interacting with your students so you, too, can have your life back.

This was the single most-important investment of both my time and money this school year. I learned so much from Scott, gained new tools to use in the classroom, and received feedback on what I am doing in the classroom. I will definitely be back next year!

Deborah C

Teacher, Dover, DE

I highly recommend both Scott’s Immediate Immersion and Webversity class. I was the only one in my district doing CI and I was much more successful following his plans since they have been tested and used in classrooms for 10+ years. The webversity also gave me a way to troubleshoot and get ideas from Scott and other teachers all over the world. The teachers manual that comes with the curriculum has a TON of helpful strategies and suggestions to help make CI work for the classroom that would be very helpful for a new teacher.

Jason T

Teacher, Port Chester, NY

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Improve your Skills!

One skill at a time, practice and perfect. AWESOME!

Immediate Immersion Webversity online TPRS training.

What you get:

  • TPRS/CI training from August through May.
  • 30, 1-2 hour pre-recorded classes.
  • 10, 1-2 hour LIVE debrief/Q&A classes.
  • Over 60 hours of professional development.

This is to be left blank! 

  • Access to recorded classes.
  • Private discussion/comment section for each class.
  • Completion certificate with contact hours.

2019-20 Class starts in August 2019. Specific dates to be announced.

Pre-recorded classes will be released throughout the year.

Live classes are at 4:30p Pacific/5:30p Mountain/6:30p Central/7:30p Eastern once a month.

All live classes are recorded for your convenience.

2019-2020 Curriculum

  1. Introduction / Immediate Immersion
  2. Setting up for Success (classroom layout, posters, grade book)
  3. Proficiency-Based Grading 1
  4. Proficiency-Based Grading 2
  5. Curriculum Planning
  6. Krashen / Bill VanPatten / Net hypothesis
  7. Starting the Year Off Right (rules, procedures, classroom management, participation)
  8. First Day of School (Getting to know your students)
  9. Successful Questioning (Asking repetitive, differentiated, scaffolded questions)
  10. Conversations
  11. Special Person Interviews (Bryce Hedstrom)
  12. Sweet 16 (Terry Waltz & Mike Peto)
  13. Keys to Successful Comprehensible Input
  14. Characters
  15. Teaching Verbs
  16. Asking stories 1 (Planning a story and the Five Story Skills)
  17. Asking stories 2 (Creating a story)
  18. Reading
  19. Embedded Reading
  20. Movietalk
  21. Assessment 1 (Culture, Listening and Reading Comprehension)
  22. Assessment 2 (Speaking and Writing)
  23. Evaluating Writing Samples
  24. Evaluating Speaking Samples
  25. Upper Levels (What’s the same and what’s different)
  26. Teaching Culture
  27. Brain Breaks
  28. Classroom Activities 1
  29. Classroom Activities 2
  30. Meaningful homework

Hi, I’m Scott!

Teacher | Presenter | Consultant | Author

I’m going to help you become an AWESOME language teacher by singing, talking to, and reading with your students.

Since 2001, I have taught over 3000 students using comprehensible input getting them to speak and write like never before.

Since 2008, I have presented hundreds of workshops, presentations, and webinars on TPRS, comprehensible-input techniques, grading, and assessment at national conferences such as NTPRS and iFLT, for school districts like Minneapolis Public Schools, Norfolk Public Schools, Clark County School District, and Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, and individuals all over the world.

I’m also the author of the Immediate Immersion Spanish curricula, a TPRS-in-a-Box solution that includes everything you need to teach with comprehensible input starting TOMORROW!

If you’re ready to get serious and truly create proficient second-language speakers, enroll in Immediate Immersion Webversity today!



How long do I have access to the Immediate Immersion Webversity Course?

You will have access to all class recordings through the end of September 2020.

When does the course start?

The Immediate Immersion Webversity Course starts in August and goes through May. You’ll be emailed an exact start date  and tentative schedule once it is available.

Are college credits available for this course?

Yes, there are! We offer graduate-level credits through the University of the Pacific for an additional charge paid to the university. You can read more about credits here.

Do I get a completion certificate?

Of course! A completion certificate will be sent by email at the completion of the course.

2 reviews for Immediate Immersion Webversity Course

  1. Deborah Climie

    This was a great investment of both my time and money. Even as a returning student, the course served as an excellent refresher. So much information, it’s hard to assimilate it all…which is why I came back for more!

  2. Inga Drokina

    Excellent for novice TPRS teachers too! All that I needed to know how to implement the TPRS theory in the real class was covered by the II Webversity. Very precise and detailed instruction on TPRS from A to Z, tons of live illustrations, VERY SUPPORTIVE follow-up make this course indispensible for those wishing to switch over from a boring fossilized textbook to a vibrant TPRS class. Having tried some specific TPRS techniques throughout the previous school year, now I can get started with 100% TPRS class without any fear. Thank you so much from Russia.

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