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Webversity - A different kind of professional development.

Immediate Immersion Webversity is a yearlong, online, TPRS workshop.

A different kind of professional development.

Our Immediate Immersion Webversity course is over 50 hours of online, professional development.


The problem with conferences and workshops is that there is such a wealth of great information that the average person only takes one or two things away with them to implement in their classrooms.

teachforjune’s Webversity™ changes that.

What makes Webversity™ different is that instead of giving you all of the information all at once, we teach you one skill at a time, you’ll have one to two weeks to implement and practice that skill in your classroom before coming back, debriefing your classroom experiences, and learning a new skill to implement and practice the next week or two in your classroom. This cycle continues until the end of the Webversity™ course.

Novel idea, huh?

All classes are recorded in case you can’t participate live or you want to review the new skills as you implement and practice it in your classroom!

Need support while you’re practicing your new skill?

We got you covered!

You will also have access to a private, members-only forum where you can discuss any of the new skills that you’re learning in your Webversity™ course as you implement and practice them in the real world.

All of our TPRS Webversity™ courses are eligible for graduate-level university credit from University of the Pacific.
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