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Looking for an in-service or professional development in your city? teachforjune Workshops offers a variety of content or can customize a workshop just for you or your organization!

We offer two types of workshops: a local workshop and a sponsored workshop. A local workshop is not sponsored by a school or other organization. A sponsored workshop is sponsored by a school, district, or other organization.

Depending on which type of workshop you are looking for, the information and request forms are below.

Local Workshop

A teachforjune local workshop is not sponsored by a school, a school district, or an organization. It is coordinated between teachforjune workshops and a local host.


Registration fees for local teachforjune workshops are as follows:

  • 1-day workshop: $169.95 per person
  • 2-day workshop: $269.95 per person
  • 3-day workshop: $349.95 per person

**$30 additional fee for registrations less than 1 month in advance.


In order for a local workshop to be held, a minimum of 10 paying participants must be registered.


A local host is required to set up a local workshop. A local host would have the following responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate local advertising of workshop (distributing flyers and inviting local area schools and teachers)
  2. Assist in obtaining a local venue with LCD projector, screen, and speakers
  3. Ensure a minimum of 10 paying participants
  4. Provide morning and afternoon refreshments (will be reimbursed within 10 days of workshop)
  5. Help coordinate local transportation and lodging for the presenter

In return for being a local host, your registration fees will be waived. If your school is willing to provide the venue for the workshop, we will waive all registration fees for the school staff/faculty. If you are interested in hosting a local teachforjune workshop, please submit the form below:


  • Please choose start date if multiple-day workshop requested.



Sponsored Workshop

A teachforjune sponsored workshop is a workshop sponsored by a school, a school district, an organization, or another entity.

One of these entities would hire teachforjune workshops on a per-day basis. They may then offer free registration to their members or charge a fee at their discretion to offset the cost of the workshop.

A sponsored workshop is a great option for a school-district professional development or a conference workshop put on by an organization.

The cost of a sponsored workshop is a flat rate of $1800 per day and includes all travel expenses.

If interested in setting up a teachforjune workshop in your area, please fill out the following form:





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